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The Open Bible Fellowship is a Bible believing Spirit-filled church, dedicated to restoring and equipping the whole family for ministry. Here the Pastors, leaders, and members will cry with you when you hurt, laugh with you when you are happy, rejoice with you when you win, and will fight with you when the devil tries to take what God has already given to you.

You will find sinners here, for we invite them.

You will find those who fail here, for God has instructed us to help restore them. If you see failures, hypocrites, gossips, backbiters, immature Christians, etc. here, do not be offended.

Wait until you see how they look when God has finished with them. The door here is not only open for you to come in to receive ministry but also for you to go out from here and minister to others. 

Thank you for being with us.
Pastors Steve and Sherry Farmer




Pastor Steven has spent most of his life in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, and accepted the call into the ministry in 1973, and was licensed as a lay minister through the Church of God of Prophecy in that same year. He was later ordained through Tomlinson Bible college studies and The Church of God of Prophecy. Pastor Steve spent several years working in various areas of church leadership, involved in music, singing, as well as Pastoring in that denomination. 

After Pastors Steven and Sherry were married in 1977, being avid students of the Bible, their studies led them through several areas of training including Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and later both earned a Diploma of Christian Ministry degree from Vision International College Australia, and recently have earned their Bachelors Degree.

Pastors Steve and Sherry have ministered together since 1983, and founded The Open Door Fellowship on Sept 11, 1989. This work has become known as a 'church of restoration,' and has seen many come through their doors, bruised and battered, now restored, now working all over the country sharing the love of God.

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