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  Service Times at The Open Door Fellowship       The Open Door Fellowship Welcomes You      
intercessory Prayer   8:00AM
Bible Study Sunday morning:   9:15-9:45AM
  Sunday morning worship:   10:00AM
  Children’s Church Sunday morning:   10:00AM
youth service   10:00AM
mid week service   7:00PM
Intercessory prayer   6:30PM



Welcome visitors!

We believe that God has brought
YOU to The Open Door Fellowship and
we are thankful that you came.

'Where the Spirit of the Lord is
there is liberty.'

Our goal is to allow
the Holy Spirit freedom to do
whatever is necessary to meet
the need of your heart.
Only God truly knows you, and His desire is that you be whole, spirit, soul, and body. So enter into praise with us and enjoy the
presence of the Lord.

Psalm 63:3,5
- praising the Lord with our mouth
Psalm 63:4
- lifting our hands
Psalm 47:1
- laughter
I Cor. 14:15
- speaking, singing in tongues
1 Cor. 12:7-10
- manifestations of the Spirit
Psalm 149,150
- dancing before the Lord

Enjoy the presence of the Lord!


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